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Banat is an ethnically mixed historic region of eastern Europe; it is bounded by Transylvania and Walachia in the east, by the Tisza River in Europe Banat Map the west, by the Mures River in the north, and by the Danube River in the south. In the mid-16th century Banat was conquered by the Ottoman Turks, who retained it until 1718, when Austria acquired it (Treaty of Passarowitz). Under Austrian military rule, the region was organized as the Temeser Banat (or Banat of Temesvr). Later a civil administration took control of the northern part of the area, and the Austrian rulers encouraged the settlement of colonists from the Rhineland, Lorraine, and Luxembourg. For most of the period from 1779 to 1920, the Banat was attached to Hungary. After World War I, the victorious Allies divided it by the Treaty of Trianon (June 4, 1920). Hungary retained the district of Szeged, Romania acquired the large eastern section, and the remainder went to Yugoslavia. The name banat has its origin in a Persian word meaning lord, or master, and was introduced into Europe by the Avars; it came to mean a frontier province or a district under military governorship.

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    From: Sailplane & Gliding Feb-Mar 1968

    Winning On The Wind by George B. Moffat Jr. 1974 / 243 pages


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